Philosophy of Care
Our Philosophy of Care
At A Healthy Choice Clinic we seek to combine old-fashioned human compassion and caring with state-of-the-art technology to provide a patient care experience that is second to none.  The clinic is founded on relationship, on the idea that quality of life and quality of medical care are predicated on strong relationships between providers and patients.  Our healthcare team has been built to foster a family atmosphere, a quality we try to bring to our patients as well.  We approach each patient from a “wholistic” approach, which means that we understand the interrelationship between the body, soul and spirit, and understand that irregularity in any one of these can affect the others.  Finally, we seek to take the best of technology and incorporate it into our daily practice to provide for safer and more efficient medical care. Our first goal is to prevent disease.  Secondarily we strive for early identification and proper treatment of chronic disease processes, as well as accurate identification and treatment of acute disease processes.  At A Healthy Choice Clinic our family is still growing, and we hope you and your family will grow along with us.